The Process of Shipping of Products from China to India

by Sergio Clark
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Like the Chinese market, the Indian market is enormous and progressively multiplying. However, manufacturing cost in India is high. It’s hard to get some products hence the high price of products. For this reason, business owners ship those products from China to India to make a profit after reselling. The availability of many ports in the country makes shipment easy. When shipping products, there are two main methods used; air and sea. In this post, you will look at sea freight as a shipping method as the major process of shipping from China to India.

1. Sea Freight

Sea freight is a method used by many business owners in India to import products from China. They use sea freight for many reasons; one can transport products in bulk since it’s reliable, and cheap compared to air freight. Besides, there are no restrictions on the shipment of products, and one can ship any product of their choice.

2. Costs involved to ship from China to India

Before buying products, the cost is a factor to consider since a lot of costs are involved in the process. Once you have the insight, it’s easier to set prices for items while at the same time making maximum profits.

Below are costs incurred when shipping products from China to India.

a. Container shipping costs
Container shipping cost is the cost paid to ship products from China to India. The importer is responsible for this cost. The fee must be paid for the container to be paid failure to which the container will be left at the port.

b. Container Handling Costs
Container handling cost is the cost paid to the freight forwarding company to cater for emergencies or damages.

3. Insurance

When shipping, ensure your shipment is insured, this is important as it gives safety assurance. In case products get damaged during the voyage; insurance cost is used to pay for them.

4. Tax

Tax comes in many forms- these taxes cater for the container’s documentation and contracts. For a shipment to get to its destination, charges need to get paid to avoid products being held.

In some shipments, one might require to pay for fuel. The costs above are costs paid for most shipments. Depending on the size of the products, you might pay more or less.

a. Time taken from China to India by Sea Freight
Time taken to ship products depends on many factors, among them being shipping company and shipping services. It takes a maximum of 20 days to ship products from China to India. It’s important to note that the waiting time for the goods to be delivered isn’t included.

Between the times the goods get prepared by the supplier and the time they get to you, many factors get involved, among them being departure. If the distance between the destination port and the port of origin is big, then a lot of time will be taken.

Final Thoughts

After making orders and paying for them, the next step is shipment. Depending on how you need the products, choose the method best suited for this need. Do not shy away from asking around from friends the shipping methods they have used and the one which worked well.

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