Why you should strive for more YouTube views

by Sergio Clark
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YouTube is relevant to every market niche. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the digital marketing industry, whether you bake, write, play football, talk about business, produce music, etc. There are endless opportunities for what you can do on YouTube to promote your brand. After all, YouTube has over 1.5 billion users globally. A great size of that audience will be interested in what you have to say.

This is why you need to have an increased number of views. The higher the number of views, the more likely your YouTube channel will be ranked. If you just started your channel or you’ve been in the game for a while and you want to get more views on YouTube, not to worry! You can!

There are two ways to go from here- either you grow organically or you buy views. Organic growth is more popular but it takes a lot of time, energy, and consistent effort. Some people hit their ‘big break’ after 5 years. Do you want to spend 5 years or more?

Another thing that can be done is to buy views, especially from credible sources like Famous Follower. A lot of people have unhealthy conceptions about buying views, but if you buy from credible sources, you won’t have to deal with the negative sides.

What are the benefits of getting more YouTube views? Let’s find out

Benefits of getting more YouTube views

1. Enhances your social credibility

If you search for something on YouTube, the videos that will pop out are ones that have a high number of subscribers and views. If you get more YouTube views, your social credibility will be strengthened. You will become more reputable and trustworthy, and be seen as an authority person in that niche.

The chances of being noticed and getting people inspired by your brand will certainly increase.

2. Getting started on the right foot

Getting lots of views and subscribers, especially in the first two to three years is a great feat. This is why you should buy views especially at that stage. A lot of people have to spend at least 5 years on a massively consistent schedule that may or may not yield expected fruits. Some may get in less time organically, but it’s very rare.

If you get more views at an early stage, your success on YouTube is assured.

3. Allows you to take part in marketing campaigns

YouTube may be an educative and entertaining social media platform, but that doesn’t take away the fact that it can be greatly used to boost businesses and enhance brands. Many B2C businesses run ads and other marketing campaigns on YouTube to create awareness about a product or service.

If you get a large number of views on your videos and have a high subscriber count, you will either be paid directly by these brands to promote their products in your video, or the intro of the video will start with an ad.

Either way, you make a lot of money.

4. Get paid

This is closely related to the previous point. With the right number of views and subscribers, you could earn a decent amount of money on YouTube. That’s great!

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