How to Pick an Artificial Christmas Tree Exporters and Wholesalers from China

by Sergio Clark
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The Christmas season is one month away. This means that a lot of families all over the world will be torn between choosing an artificial Christmas tree or the real deal. It doesn’t matter which one you choose. However, if you’ve decided to settle for the former, this article will teach you how to choose the best artificial Christmas tree exporter and wholesaler from china.

How do you pick the right artificial Christmas exporter and wholesaler from china

Below are to top noteworthy factors to consider when looking to patronize an artificial Christmas tree exporter and wholesaler from china:

1. Quality of artificial Christmas trees

How do artificial trees look at first sight? Were the edges carefully trimmed with little to no sign of roughness? Ensure that you get answers to these questions the first time you contact your Chinese wholesaler.

Also, check if the company has functional quality control. Make sure that you don’t just settle for pictures; ask to be shown real trees as quickly as possible. This will help you to avoid masking the wrong decisions at the end of the day.

2. Freshness of the tree

You mustn’t neglect the fact that the artificial Christmas trees have to be fresh before purchasing. If not, there’s no way you can trust them to last for a long period. Trees spoiling after the first two weeks of purchase isn’t a wise investment and you must do everything within to see that this doesn’t happen.

3. Experience of the wholesaler and exporter

Before picking an artificial Christmas tree exporter and wholesaler from china, you need to enquire about the number of years that they have been in business. If they have stayed for at least 5 years, you can decide that they have gone way beyond the novice stage.

One thing is guaranteed while working with an experienced wholesaler; you will not have to deal with the series of headaches that come with poor service, which is most common with startup companies.

4. Staff experience

Is the company made of professional staff? The wholesaler must have a thoroughly trained set of staff who will stop at nothing to ensure that all products are up to the set standards.

With a good staff experience, you can save yourself and the seller the time to start ironing out issues and attending to complaints.

5. Quality of delivery service

Think about how fast their delivery service is. An artificial Christmas tree can be very fragile and so is prone to crash rot, or even magnet bacteria.

That means you must be careful not to let shipment waste a lot of time. Probe the company to give you their process of delivery and be sure that it fits your preference.

Final Thoughts

Asides from the ones on this list, there are several other points to consider when looking to select the best artificial Christmas tree manufacturer from china. Note, buying from the right person can make the Christmas experience a memorable one for you and the rest of your family members.

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