Avoid these mistakes to negotiate a low MOQ

by Sergio Clark
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MOQ negotiation techniques remain the same regardless of the supplier. Different factors will contribute to the rejection of your negotiation requests to your supplier. Some are personality-based, and others are simple mistakes that you might be making.

First, getting the correct MOQ meaning to a given supplier gives you an upper hand to the best MOQ negotiation techniques that you require to negotiate low MOQ. You can master these techniques; that is why the techniques below might be of great help when negotiating to source products from China.

Common mistakes to avoid when negotiating low MOQ

Allowing emotion to take center stage

When negotiating a low MOQ you need to be flexible and ready to take the proper position. Letting your emotion take the lead when things do not go as you expect with the supplier often leads to strict terms from your supplier. It is essential to realize that your supplier is in business and comes from a different culture.

Misinterpreting positions

Misinterpretation is common between people that come from diverse cultures and settings. For example, challenges such as the language barrier between Chinese suppliers and English-speaking suppliers may lead to misinterpretation of one another’s position.

Essentially, you need to make sure you communicate very clearly and repeat essential issues to avoid misunderstanding. In this way, your will quickly achieve your goal of negotiating low MOQ.

Failure to Research

Making quotations and product specifications without enough research and information might lead you to make big mistakes when negotiating low MOQ. On the other hand, suppliers will quickly notice your lack of knowledge of the product requirements and specifications. As a result, you make your negotiation unsuccessful.

Not accessing manufacturers

Going straight to the manufacturers makes the negotiation way more manageable because the supply chain is cut short. Negotiating low MOQ with the manufacturers of a product is way easier than negotiating the same with intermediaries.

Manufacturers will readily give you a low MOQ since they are not interested in holding the products for long. However, this will depend on factors such as subcontractors MOQs.

Leveraging based on available information

Suppliers may go to the extent of providing you with essential information that makes the minimum order quality to be high. However, you may be pushing too hard to get the lowest MOQ on your end and failing to consider the supplier’s dynamics. The supplier would quickly form an unpleasant perception of you. Therefore, your continuous push for a low MOQ would most like be unsuccessful.

Failure to listen to the supplier

Poor listening would quickly lead to misinterpretation of the suppliers’ argument. There could be aspects that the supplier is unwilling to negotiate with; however, your poor listening skills would lead to failure in getting low MOQ. Listening to the supplier is essential for the success of your negotiation for a low MOQ.

It is vital to observe the general MOQ negotiation technique to increase your chance of negotiating low MOQ. These techniques are more or less similar to typical negotiation techniques that you practice every day.

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