The evolution of warehouses to e-commerce fulfillment centers

by Sergio Clark
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For a long time, warehouses have been part of the supply chain. Warehouses were the primary source of retailed goods in the market before the e-commerce fulfillment centers took over. The China warehouses became China e-commerce fulfillment centers in the past few years. Presently, several people order products online. The warehouse has transformed from where goods arrive first before heading to the consumer to the last place that the goods arrive before heading to consumers.

The main reason for the new supply chain is that bulk shipment is broken down. The broken-down shipment is packaged into a new product and channeled directly to the consumer upon ordering.

Conditioned spaces

The number of people in a warehouse has increased dramatically. Traditionally, the warehouse had only forklifts and a few other people that assist in the regular operation of the warehouse. The case is different with the new modern e-commerce. E-commerce carries over 1000 employees.

Electricity services in the e-commerce fulfillment

Electrical services to the e-commerce fulfillment center have tripled from the traditional warehouses. This significant shoot is linked to the new technologies used in modern e-commerce centers to bring success to delivering goods in the proper packaging and state.

Labor condition

E-commerce fulfillment is more labor-intensive than warehouses. More people come to the center both for work and for business. The parking is always full and busy with both types of people. Such people include those who bring in goods, those taking out the goods, and those working on the logistical issues around the goods.

Circulation of Trucks and employee car pack

The traditional truck circulation saw a very minimal number of trucks in the then warehouses. There was high utilization of all spaces in the warehouse. Nonetheless, situations have changed a better part of the warehouse space is not used. As a result, one section of the building is less covered only as the section is used to store goods and go unused.

Washroom’s usage

Washrooms are a challenge for the significant number of people in the e-commerce fulfillment center. In this way, the need to provide extra washrooms, with some being portable, to meet the high demand for toilets by the population increases. More remote restrooms are put in place both for the truck drivers and the employees. E-commerce fulfillment center development has forced the need to handle this number of people. Office sizes have increased tremendously compared to the traditional warehouses.

There has been a significant shift in various aspects that take place in the modern e-commerce fulfillment centers. In general, there is a substantial increase in the number of people that use e-commerce fulfillment centers. This high number of people has largely contributed to their need for other resources such as toilets and parking spaces.

On a positive note, the increase in people at the e-commerce fulfillment centers has led to high productivity and more space to expand the business. The more people who work at the fulfillment center, the higher the production, need for more resources, and innovation.

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