Can We Replace LED Parking Lot Lights In Place Of Normal Lights?

by Sergio Clark
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If one decides to change his lights and put up LED Lights, then he must think about whether the new lights can be placed in the area where the old lights were placed. Differences in design, shape, style, installment procedure, etc., make him think so. But surprisingly, if one wishes to use LED Lights, then he must not worry about changing the place where they are to be installed. LED Parking Lot Lights are designed to fit in the place of old and traditional lighting luminaires. They need to be switched only. No extra cost is required as no such procedure is needed to be done for their placement. LED Parking Lot Lights have been designed to fit at every pole in town as they have been altered according to the poles and sockets already in use. LED Parking Lot lights – RevolveLED┬áhas introduced major lighting systems for outdoors and indoors.

What features does a LED Parking Lot Light Offer?

LED Parking Lot Lights Offer numerous features, which makes them one of the best and most modern lights in town. They have the capacity to light up the darkest areas so well that it seems like it is daylight. They have great features, and among them one of the greatest features is that they have a low-profile vibration system. They are also available in a streamlined shape to lower any sort of friction caused by wind and limit any drag experienced due to the wind. Not only this, but these lights also require just a single person for their installment. There is no need to bring a whole team equipped with numerous devices and tools to install them; just a one-man job. Having a life span of up to a hundred thousand hours, these lights, once installed, offer a sense of peace as no regular maintenance is required for them. As a seven-year warranty is also given; thus, in case of any sort of damage or malfunction, these lights can be repaired or replaced.

What different mounting options do we have?

LED Parking Lot Lights are to be usually placed on poles. The design of the pole is different in different areas, and thus different lights are required to be placed in them. The size of the lights needs to be according to the size of the pole so that they fit well in each other. There are four different mounting options available so that different poles can be lit up with the best LED Lights available.

  • Extrusion Arm
  • Slip fitter
  • Trunnion
  • Wall Mount

LED Parking Lot Lights can be placed using any of the above mounting positions. This depends on the pole where the light is to be placed according to which position is opted. Multiple designs have the same installment procedure, so there is no such problem that one installment procedure is costlier than the other. It depends on the light that how much it is going to cost. If someone is buying LED Parking Lot Lights, then he should not even worry about the cost.

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