Reasons Why Sandwich Panels Are Highly Applied In Roofing

by Sergio Clark
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Insulation is a type of material designed to keep heat and sound from being transmitted from one room or area to the next. Insulation can be applied in residential and commercial facilities. It can be applied as an insulated roof or wall. Each form of insulation works differently. The types of material may also differ from one insulation form to the next. Also, the market features many forms of insulation technologies known as panels. One of the most recent types is the sandwich roof panel.

What are sandwich roof panels?

A sandwich panel, as the name suggests, consists of three or more materials. The materials are adhered together to form a single panel. The three materials are:

  • The core– this is the part that is responsible for the insulation qualities of these panels. It is typically made of low-density foam with high insulation abilities.
  • Outer material– this is a thin layer bonded to the outer side of the low-density core.
  • Internal material is also a thin layer, usually made of metal, bonded to the core’s inner side.

Sandwich panels are highly applied in the construction industry. They can be used as floor or roof panels. In recent years, rood sandwich panels have become more popular than in the past.

Reasons why sandwich panels are highly applied in roofing

As mentioned previously, these panels can be applied as floor, wall, or roof panels. However, recently, their application as roof panels has increased. Below are reasons that have attributed to the fact mentioned above;

1. Incredible fire performance

One of the main reasons for using sandwich panels in roofing is because they are excellent fire retardants. Their excellent fire performance can be attributed to the raw materials, production process, formula, and panel designs. The best sandwich roof panels are typically subjected to a wide range of tests to ensure excellent fire performance. When sandwich panels are introduced to high temperatures, they release carbon which acts as a flame retardant. Therefore, using roof sandwich panels can help keep the flames from spreading further as they rise.

2. Good thermal insulation

In addition to the excellent fire performance, these panels also offer good thermal insulation. These panels feature three layers. The core layer is made up of insulation material. The material is then sandwiched between two layers of metal. The most common metals are aluminum and steel. Their construction and their materials are responsible for the thermal insulation.

3. Incredible sound absorption

These panels also offer excellent sound absorption. Their design and materials attribute to their sound absorption element. For this reason, they are highly applied by designated flights. When using as roof panels, they help minimize sound from the rain, hail and impacted roofing steel plates. They can also come in hand in situations where you have upstairs neighbors. In such cases, roof sandwich panels can promote privacy.


Roof sandwich panels can be applied in various industrial and residential facilities. Regardless of the application, the benefits remain constant. Additionally, sandwich panels are easy to install and quite affordable.

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