The Importance of Using a Sourcing Agent on your Import Process

by Sergio Clark
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The importing process from china can be easy or hard depending on what means you decide to use. Carrying the whole process by yourself might be very tedious from the moment to determine what import from china is appropriate for you to where and how to import your products. For that reason, you should worry not, for this article will give you insights into why sourcing agents come in handy in your importing process. Read on to know more about why you should use a sourcing agent from china.

Supply Management Service

If you’re the kind of person who imports products of different niches, then the shipping process might be hectic for you. Dealing with various places poses a shipping challenge where you will need to ship goods of every niche independently.

 Using a sourcing agent will see all these challenges off as they can ship all goods at ago. Sourcing agents look for products from all the niches and ensure they are cleared and ready to be exported as one batch. This will save you a lot of time and money.

Best Products and Manufacturer Hunt

The reputation of sourcing agents entirely depends on the quality of services they offer. Every sourcing agent will want to ensure they keep you around for longer to get more money from you. To keep their clients for longer, sourcing agents are best at finding the best products in the market.

Sourcing agents ensure that they get the best and reputable manufacturers by participating in trade fairs and exhibitions. It is also of great significance to note that sourcing agents carry a lot of research and search on which best manufacturer to partner with.

Cost and Money Saving

You know the saying “Time is money?” Well, saving that precious time hunting for products from china will save you a good amount of money. The sourcing agents do regular visits to factories and carry out audits on the suitability of their partnering factories. This reduces the chances of you importing fake or mediocre goods.

Unreliable suppliers are a thing of the past once you use agents to answer for any counterfeit goods. With sourcing agents, it is possible to arrange for samples before making a purchase. This means you will be sure of what you are purchasing.

Customs Clearance and Forwarding Services

With a sourcing agent, you will get a variety of shipping options to choose from. Best of all, sourcing agents advise on the best shipping option you should use and the estimated cost and waiting time for your products. Above all, the agents will do all the paperwork for your products. They will ensure the export duties and all the licenses required are in place, smoothening your import process.

 The agents other than the service mentioned above will guide you on policies pertaining to exporting from china. Depending on which sourcing agent you are using, some of them offer a lofty package of after-sales service. Be sure to check on all packages that the sourcing agents can offer.

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