A Step By Step Guide For Washing Your Human Hair Wig

by Sergio Clark
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Human hair wigs are one of the most popular products in the hair extension market. They are usually made from real hair donated by human beings in different parts of the world. Authentic Human hair wigs are usually quite expensive. This is because of their quality and the numerous advantages they offer. The fact that they cost a lot of money encourages wearers to practice care and maintenance to protect them and ensure that they last long. Washing is a crucial part of human hair wig maintenance. This post provides you with a guide for how to wash human hair wigs.

A guide for washing your human hair wig

Cleaning human hair wigs is an essential part of maintaining them. It helps ensure that it lasts longer and maintains its appearance. When washing or cleaning human hair wigs, you must be extra careful and use the correct products and techniques. Below is a step by step guide for washing human hair wigs;

Step 1: Preparing the wig

The first step is preparing the wig for the washing process. Here, you must brush or comb the wig using the right technique. Professionals recommend combing or brushing the wig from the ends. Doing this helps eliminate any knots. If you are working with a curly wig, it will help to comb with wide bristles or your fingers.

Step 2: Place the wig on a wig stand

You also need to place the wig on a wig stand. This will help make the washing process easier and help care for the wig.

Step 3: Fill a sink with cold water and fill it with shampoo

When washing your human hair wig, it would be wise to use cold water as hot water could cause it to get damaged. The type of shampoo you use for your human hair wig should be determined by the type of wig you have and its qualities. For instance, if you have a Brazilian human hair wig, you may want to use a shampoo specially designed for this type of hair. Also, if your wig is curly, it would be best to use shampoo designed for curly hair. The same applies to dyed or colored wigs.

When washing a human hair wig, ensure not to apply the shampoo directly to the wig fibers. Rather, add the shampoo to cold water and use the soapy water to wash the wig.

Step 4: wash the wig

After preparing the soapy water, the next step is to turn your wig inside out, then place it into the water. Turning the wig inside out helps ensure that the shampoo reaches the wig cap. Proceed to swirl the wig gently to allow the shampoo to distribute evenly throughout the strands.

Step 5: let it soak for a few minutes

Submerge the wig entirely into the water and let it sit for about five minutes. During this time, please do not move it. Also, do not try to thrash or squeeze the wig, as you could cause the fibers to get tangled.

Step 6: Rinse it and dry it

Finally, you can rinse the wig with cold water and dry it using a towel. You can also choose to condition it before drying it. It is often recommended that you do not use conditioner on human hair wigs. However, if you choose to condition your human hair wig, ensure not to apply the conditioner too close to the roots.

Final word

It is worth mentioning that human hair wigs need to be washed regularly, depending on how often you wear them. Washing them helps prevent dust and dirt particles from getting collected on the lace or wig base. It also helps enhance the aesthetics of the human hair wig.

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