What To Look for When Getting Human Hair Wigs

by Sergio Clark
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Buying a wig for the first time can be a frustrating and challenging experience. Some shoppers are unsure where to begin when confronted with so many new hair and wig-related phrases.

From understanding the world of wigs, to shopping with confidence, to knowing what wig is correct for you, this article is ready to give you all the pointers you need to go ahead and make your first purchase. The article is also for if you need to switch from synthetic to human hair.

The first thing you should know is the differences between human hair and synthetic extensions.

The difference between human and synthetic hair

The term “human hair wig” has a pretty simple explanation. It is as simple as taking hair from a human head and making a wig out of it. But that is not all it means. It also involves various treatments carried out in several ways that affect how it looks and feels and how well it is cared for.

Synthetic wigs, whose fibers are manufactured and artificial, are fundamentally different from human hair wigs. Although we use “real” or “natural,” it is assumed to be human hair; you should know that not all come from humans. Some come from animals like yak, which has a hair pattern strikingly similar to human hair. In conclusion, when buying, do make sure that it is well-labeled, “human hair.”

What to look for when shopping for human hair wigs

  • The type of human hair wig:

There are many human hair wigs in the market, albeit among those are four significant types; human hair lace front wigs, 360 lace human wigs, full lace human hair wigs, and U-part human hair wigs. The differences depend on the lace and the cost.

  • The style of wig you prefer:

Although you are free to choose the style of wig according to the weave, curl, or volume of your choice, you should also consider the shape of your face. The form of your face plays a significant role in determining what style of wig would fit you best. Some of the styles include; kinky human hair wigs, human hair wigs with bangs, water wave human hair, etc.

  • The lace color of the wig you want:

Like style, it is essential to choose the lace color to match your scalp and skin tone. You can choose between transparent lace frontal human hair wigs and medium color lace frontal human hair wigs. Knowing your scalp color and selecting the appropriate color lace for your use is critical for a natural appearance.

  • The human hair wig capsize:

The wig capsizes whether or not the human hair lace wigs you purchased are appropriate for your head. A wig cap that is either too big or too tiny will make you feel uncomfortable, so measure your head size before purchasing human hair wigs.


The most important thing when purchasing a human hair wig is not the price but the quality. Because in the end, the most important thing is making sure that when you wear it, it does not cause itching or other uncomfortable reactions.

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