Types of Hose Reels for Pressure Washers You Must Know of

by Sergio Clark
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Aside from the fact that they come with a powerful motor, pressure washer hose reels afford an individual the quickest way to make their hoses last long. They are also known to save one’s time and energy.

Pressure water hose reels come in different types and offer different functions. While some point directly to the hose you need, others save space on the floor. Then there the hand-carry miss that are often light, but can carry any form of load, regardless of how heavy they are.

This guide will expose you to some other pressure washer hose reels you should consider getting for your home.

Types of Pressure Washer Reels You Need

Here are different options of hose reels that you can pick from.

1. The Hose Reel that uses Hand Crank

This hose reel is easily one of the most popular type of hose reels that you can find. As the name implies, you use your hands to manually wrap/fix the pressure washer hose around the reel.

This hose reel often sits on the foundation of the pressure washer’s truck bed or attachment, using a locking device. This makes it possible for you to easily uncoil the hose from the reel when you need it.

2. Heavy Duty Hose Reels

If you run an industry or a production factory, the heavy-duty pressure washer is what you need. That’s because of the high-quality protection it gives to the hose. This hose reel is most commonly used in food processing plants and Marinas. That’s because they feature a great resistance to corrosion and rust, more than any other.

3. Pivoting Option

This hose reel is often manufactured with an additional mounting bracket frame; a feature that improves the directional focus of the hose reel. So, while using the pivoting reels, you can effectively have it function from one spot. Most people opt for this hose reel because of how easy it is to use.

4. Spring Driven Hose Reel

One beautiful thing about the spring-driven pressure washer is that it allows you to activate the spring and recoil the hose back to its reel; this is done through a slight tug on the hose. It also doesn’t require a manual operation and that’s why it’s quickly becoming a popular pressure washer trailer option.

5. Hose Reels that function with electricity

The last hose reel to consider opting for us the electric-powered hose reel. If you’ve been to automotive garages, you will notice that electric-driven reels are mostly used. They are used alongside a compressed air hose and are usually mounted for easy usage on repetitive tasks.

So if this matches your preferences, go for it.

Final Thoughts

A Pressure Washer Hose reel comes in handy if you’re looking to organize knotted or tangled pressure hoses. It’s also a means of increasing efficiency, productivity, and safety. This guide gives you different qualified options of pressure washer hose feels that you can make your pick from.

By following it, everything should work out just fine.

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