Is getting a Giraffe Pressure Washer Hose Reel Worth it?

by Sergio Clark
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There are tons of brands of pressure or power washer hose reels available in the market. The variety available allows numerous manufacturers to add their various tweaks. This leaves the customers with the seemingly difficult decision of choosing. However, this is not much of a problem if the advantages of the different designs and models are considered. The giraffe pressure washer hose reels are a top option in this regard.

At Giraffe Tools ( they have a detailed grasp of what customers want. All of products are aimed at achieving maximal effect with minimal effort. This article will be outlining the awesome parts of the pressure washer hose reels.

Features of the Giraffe Pressure Washer Hose Reel

1. Wall-mounted Design

The giraffe pressure washer hose reel in inventory is designed to comfortably sit on a wall. This design allows the model to be accessible and yet out of the way. This allows for the giraffe pressure washer hose reel to occupy as little space as possible regardless of how large the model is.

So instead of taking undue space, the giraffe pressure washer hose reel can fit snuggly onto an appropriate wall. Another interesting part of this design is that it comes as a whole. So there is no need for coupling or recoupling. It is ready to go as soon as it’s is delivered.

2. Automatic Retracting

It has a system that enables automatic retracting of the extended hose. This system also makes it easy to rapidly roll up the hose. With the system in place, the hose is retracted into a tidy bunch ready to be used at any time. Additionally, the materials used in the hose, allow it to be retracted with reduced friction.

This particular feature is a fan favorite. This is because it alleviates one of the difficult problems in handling hoses. Especially long ones.

3. The TST System

Another epic feature is the Total Stop System. The total stop system is also known as TST, is a well-thought-out stop system. This is a unique feature that allows the giraffe pressure washer hose reel. This system allows the motor to stop when necessary. As it stops, it immediately switches to a standby mode.

The standby mode allows the operator to turn back the water flow whenever they feel like it. This system is wonderful. This is because a person does not have to turn off the entire thing at times. In situations where a slight pause is taken, the machine would keep running, but water delivery halts.

4. Bracket Rotation

The giraffe pressure washer hose reel has a 180-degree bracket of rotation. This allows for the owner to extend the hose in whatever direction. This system allows the hose to cover certain distances easily. For instance, a 40ft radius could be handled with just one well-placed giraffe pressure washer hose reel.


These are just the key features of the machine. There are so much more benefits to be had. Try giraffe pressure washer hose reel today and enjoy washing convenience.

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