What to Know Before Getting a Telecom Cabinet

by Sergio Clark
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Telecommunication cabinets are used to enclose electric equipment in remote locations and keep them secure from a damaging environment like those containing dust, rain, or ice and possible theft as they are quite expensive. Most industries use the equipment to relay data, voice, or videos over long distances. The cabinets ensure that only authorized personnel can access the devices, and no one will accidentally get hurt. In this extract, we discuss key points to consider before buying a telecom cabinet from a Telecom Cabinet Manufacturer.

Key Points to Consider Before Buying a Telecom Cabinet

Every telecommunication cabinet is different and unique. You need to identify one that matches your needs and applications. Standard rating systems are used to help you know the kind of environment a particular telecom enclosure ( cabinet ) can be used. Telecom Cabinet Manufacturer ensures you get the right cabinet for your equipment.

1. Ability to Control the Climate

Extreme weather conditions can damage electrical equipment. It can either be too hot or too cold to a point where the cable system can not function normally. In major companies, these systems have to keep running; therefore, no damage should be incurred whatsoever. Some developers offer customization options for cabinets as a solution to control climate. Some have built-in air conditioners, and for ventilation, external coolers are developed. They play a huge role in preventing overheating; thus, the life span of the devices is extended.

2. Type of Environment

Before making any purchase, identify the type of environment the telecom cabinet will be installed or the equipment will be exposed to. It can either be outdoor, indoor, wet or dry and many others. Pick a cabinet that is suitable for the specific space or location.

3. Customization Options

Standard enclosures tend to cost less than a customized one, and their delivery takes a shorter time. They include standard wall-mounted, floor-mounted, and free-standing cabinets. Equipment varies in sizes, weight, height, length, etc. hence at times, the regular shelves cabinets aren’t the best option. Telecom enclosures can be custom-made to meet specific needs depending on the devices needed to be stored. Always involve a specialist, take you through the standard ones first and help you know if you need customization.

4. Availability of Safety Features

Telecom cabinets house electrical equipment that poses a great risk for fires. It is dangerous, especially if many people can gain access without authorization. The safety features are crucial, and you should make sure they are part of the cabinets before buying. They include glass doors that allow you to monitor the devices without having to open or close all the time and door locks that can only be opened by a company’s personnel for security reasons. Also, the right materials should be used on the cabinets, ensuring they are not susceptible to fires. They are primarily made from aluminum foil that is highly corrosion-resistant, and they have a thermal management system to protect them from external aggressions.


Telecom cabinets are installed in zones with limited or no network access, and choosing the best one is key. The above points will help you figure out what best works to make it easier for you to make a decision.

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