Strengths and Weaknesses of Backpacks

by Sergio Clark
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More often than not, backpacks offer great companions to individuals accustomed to a daily routine. Students, accountants, gymnasts, coaches include demographics that frequently use pocket backpacks. However, you can reap just as much harm from the packs as you can benefits. This article discusses the benefits and shortcomings of using backpacks.


1. Sense of style

Backpacks come in different designs, sizes, and shapes. Like clothing, you have the freedom to pick that which suits your style. Want one with a single shoulder strap? Or a lime green drawstrings pack for your gym essentials? Or maybe the cute, clear one you recently spotted at the store? You can have any type you want.

2. An excellent way to organize your items

Backpacks are typically multi-pocket items, in which you can classify your items according to weight, value, and size. A laptop compartment isn’t the same one you’ll keep a pen in. This way, you easily remember where you kept each specific item hence easy retrieval.

3. Convenient

What’s a better way of carrying your laptop, notebook, extra pair of sweatpants, and a packet of chips all at once than using a backpack? I bet you couldn’t move your textbooks with your bare hands for a week straight without tiring. Moreover, all your items are within easy access.

4. Safety

Backpacks guarantee the safety of all under one roof. With the combination lock technology, petty theft remains at arm’s length. Some packs are waterproof, therefore protecting your bag contents from being drenched should a downpour begin.

5. Comfort

A standard backpack is designed with padded straps and a padded back to guarantee user comfort. You no longer have to worry about ugly strap marks on your shoulders. If worn the correct way and enforced waist straps, you shouldn’t be able to feel anybody ache either.

6. Save time

Traveling with a backpack is much simpler than doing so with a suitcase. They are attached to your body, so you don’t spend time moving and shoving.

7. Cheap to acquire and maintain

Backpacks are as affordable as they are easy to find. With the variety that packs offer, getting and keeping one should be effortless. However, keep in mind that cheap is expensive; a cheap backpack may not last you as long as you’d want it to. Besides, it may not provide as much comfort as is required.

Quality backpacks cost from $20 to about $65. High-quality bags promise a lot of comforts, and you won’t have to worry about repair for a long time.


1. Health complications

Consistently carrying heavy backpacks can cause lower back pain and affect general skeletal health in the long run. In more severe cases, other long-lasting health conditions like poor posture and spinal complications may arise. It is advised to avoid overloading your bag to keep the said conditions at bay.

2. Tiredness

Being on the go from dawn to dusk is exhausting. Imagine having a backpack while at it.

3. Easy theft target

Note, being a small item, a backpack can be quickly snatched from you in a robbery scene. Unlike a mobile phone, when you lose a backpack, you lose all its contents. There’s no backup.

Final thoughts

Backpacks can be harmful just as much as they are useful. Wear a backpack correctly, always, and avoid carrying heavyweight. Remember, your health must always come as your first priority; thus, even when carrying your backpack, always have that in mind.

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