Advantages of Windshield Washer Concentrate

by Sergio Clark
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Windshield washer concentrate is one of the most effective washer fluids for car users. The concentrate is made by removing, to a great extent, the dissolving agent, which is usually water. Removing water then leaves only the other ingredients that make it a concentrated solution. Other washer fluids include effervescent cleaning tablets and ready-to-use washer fluid. Https:// shares more on the benefits of using windshield washer concentrate.

Your windshield must always stay clean when driving, especially in extreme weather conditions such as winter. Over the years, statistics have shown that 70% of collision accidents result from the windshield’s unclear vision. A foggy or dirty windshield is thus considered a significant safety hazard to both drivers and passengers. With that being said, the windshield must be clean at all times during trips. Washer concentrates offer effective and efficient cleaning solutions to windscreen cleaning systems.

How do we create a washer fluid from the concentrate, and what are the advantages of using washer concentrate compared to other fluids?

Mixing The Concentrate and Refilling

According to the instructions on the container label, mix your washer fluid concentrate with distilled water. The ratio of concentrate to water is normally 1:4. This process takes only a few minutes. Next, add the resulting fluid into the windshield wiper system using a clean, dry funnel.


a. Small Purchase, No Bulk

Windshield washer concentrates have the advantage of only being bought in small amounts that later make up to gallons of washer fluid.

For example, only 5 ounces of the concentrate may need to be mixed with 25 gallons of water to make a windshield washer fluid! Therefore, after the concentrate is added to your car, the remaining amount can be stored until the need for it arises later in time.

b. Dissolves Quickly

The concentrate of a quality windshield washer dissolves in water in less than a minute once mixed. Thus, any windshield washing fluid that takes long to mix might be of poor quality.

c. Suitable for All Weather Conditions

Most washer concentrates have compounds that enable it to work suitably for all weather conditions. The antifreeze formula helps prevent the washer fluid from freezing during winter and other cold climates.

In the summer and other warmer conditions, the concentrate wipes away bugs, dust, and other road grime that stick to the windshield. The concentrate stays in its liquid state in both cold and warm weather, thus making it multifunctional.

d. Protection from Possible Bacterial Infections

Water alone as a washer fluid can create a good breeding environment for bacteria, such as the bacterium legionella that causes legionnaires’ disease.

Bacteria cannot breed nor survive in washer fluid concentrate; therefore, the potential danger of getting bacterial infections from washer fluids are completely done away with.

Final Thoughts

Using washer fluid concentrate is not only cost-effective but can also save you space and time while simultaneously ensuring your windshield cleaning system operates at its best. In addition, the concentrate protects car users from possible infections that water, when used alone, may cause. Make sure you always follow the instructions on the dilution ratio. You should also ensure that you drain the old fluid first before adding new washer fluid for perfect cleaning results. You can obtain your washer fluid concentrate from gas stations, service stations, or auto parts supply stores.

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