Best Promotional Products for StartUps

by Sergio Clark
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bottles of Promotional Products for StartUps

Startup businesses are constantly in search of how to grow their businesses and brand popularity. One of the best ways is the use of startup promo products. Of course, there are several other methods.

However, with the best startup gifts, you are able to create a considerable level of awareness about your business. In this post, we will show you a few custom promotional products (know more) that you can use to grow your business.

Importance of using startup promotional products

More often than not, we hear startup entrepreneurs ask about the importance of promotional products. While some of them don’t believe in the use of promotional products, others know how potent these items are. The argument presented by the antagonists is that as a startup spending on these products is unprofitable. 

They ask, why you should spend on giving others gifts when you can put the same money into the advertisement. According to them, traditional marketing methods like using flyers, billboards, television, and social media is better. Yes, these other methods are potent, but when you compare the turnover, startup promo products have more impact.

When you advertise your business, what you are trying to do is create impressions. The hope is that these impressions will become conversions at the end of the day. What better way to make impressions than with the best startup gifts?

Firstly, they are not as costly as traditional marketing methods. Secondly, they make a lot more impressions than these other methods. As you will expect, the more impressions, the more chances you have of getting conversions.

What are the best startup promotional items?

This is a very important question to ask. The market is flooded with tons of custom promotional products. If this is your first time or you have invested in them without great results, you need to know the best.

To save you from just investing blindly, here’s our list of the best startup promotional products.

bag of Promotional Products for StartUps

Printed tote bags

After taking a poll, results have shown that tote bags are among the most cherished promotional products. It shouldn’t be surprising that they are so popular considering how useful they are. We will share a few reasons why we think these bags are very popular as promo items.

The obvious fact is that they are highly cost-effective. As a startup, you should run your promo campaigns on a budget. This means you are limited to items that aren’t so costly. Printed tote bags totally satisfy this condition as they do not cost a fortune to make.

You don’t spend as much as you will on flyers or billboard adverts so let’s not even compare them to TV ads. Secondly, tote bags are very versatile. You can use these bags for just about anything, from grocery shopping to carrying books around.

This means that your customers and potential customers will be glad to receive these gifts. When you are at a trade show with tote bags at your stand, you are sure to have many visitors. Not because of the aesthetic beauty they add to your stand but because they are so useful.

Another reason they are regarded as one of the best startup gifts is that they are easy to brand. The body of a tote bag is a large canvas for you to present the idea of your brand. This helps you cut cost per impression to the barest minimum, the exact aim for startup promo products.

Mug of Promotional Products for StartUps

Promo mugs

All over the world, people make use of mugs in different ways. Regardless of the purpose, a mug is almost always in use. This is why we regard them highly as great custom promotional products. You don’t hand out these mugs to only customers and prospects, your employees are also beneficiaries.

The whole idea behind promo campaigns is to publicize your brand and improve recognition. Promo mugs help you achieve this aim with ease. Think about it, each time a person picks your branded mug, they’ll remember your brand while drinking from it.

If they are sitting across someone who never heard about your brand, it makes it better. A new person just saw your business name and logo. That’s a new impression that could possibly become a conversion.

Let’s not even talk about the number of cups of coffee people drink in a year. The bottom line is that these startup promo products are very powerful.

Pen of Promotional Products for StartUps

Branded pens

Whether a startup or existing, every business needs pens. If you use branded pens as your custom promotional products, you will be shocked at the results they’ll yield. Let’s try to paint a picture.

Let’s say you produce 500 branded pens and share half of these among your student customers. Try to imagine how many other people these students will come in contact with in their various schools. Now imagine how long they will be using these pens. Can you calculate the number of impressions the pens would have made in this period?

Now, think about the remaining half shared among the working population including your staff. The reach of these items makes them sit proudly among the best startup gifts of all time. These pens will get to business meetings, trade shows, conferences, hotel lobbies, etc.

toy of Promotional Products for StartUps

Stress toys

People get stressed out every day from the hassle of running their businesses to working in a hostile environment. You can help us all ease-out all that stress with your branded stress toys.

As we take out our frustration on the toys we get to see your brand name and logo each time. There are so many styles of stress toys available so you can pick out one that suits your brand. 

rings of Promotional Products for StartUps


Who doesn’t need key rings these days? These items have been in existence for several decades and are so important. As a startup, you can take advantage of the versatility of keyrings to publicize your business.


These are just a few of the available startup promo products. The decision on the best startup gifts is up to you as different people have their opinions. What else do you want to add to our list of custom promotional products? If you have any demand for custom promotional products, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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