Top 5 Things You Can Buy With OSRS Gold

by Sergio Clark
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RuneScape is a Guinness World Record holder of the most updated and largest massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). With more than 200 million players and lots of updates and challenges for players to overcome, RuneScape remains the favorite game of many online gamers. The two dominant versions of the game are Runescape 3, which was released in 2013 and Old School RuneScape, which was released in 2007.

OSRS gold refers to Old School RuneScape game currency. With OSRS gold, players can improve their characters and expand their experience by trading the currency for various tools. Below are the top 6 things you can get with OSRS gold.

Upgrade your Arsenal

As you progress through the combat mode of RuneScape, you begin to notice that you need more effective weapons to vanquish your opponents. You can use your OSRS gold to buy better swords, charms, potions, and amulets. You can also upgrade your defense by purchasing footwear, shield, helm, and gloves. With a well-equipped amour, you stand a better winning chance against your opponents.

Get Capes with OSRS

Capes are used on the ape slot. There are quite a lot of capes players can buy with OSRS. You can skill-train the cape to be more effective in quests and adventures. Different capes cost different amounts of OSRS gold. You can also expect to spend more coins to improve your capes.

Purchase special jewelry/accessories

There are accessories such as amulets, rings, and bracelets that players can purchase to adorn their avatar. The unenchanted jewelry cost less OSRS than the enchanted ones. The enchanted accessories confer more defense and attack ability to the player. The players can buy exalted orb to experience more fun on the game.

Get physical cash by selling OSRS

The price of OSRS varies from time to time. You can accumulate lots of OSRS through winning games, buying cheap OSRS, and claiming all the free coins you can find in the game. Once you have large enough OSRS gold, you can monitor the market to see when the value is higher. You can then exchange some for a couple of dollars. Although this move is risky, some players make a decent amount of cash trading OSRS gold currency.

Purchase custom-built avatar

Rather than building your avatar from scratch, you may also purchase an already built avatar with your OSRS gold. The cost of the avatar will depend on its size, special abilities, accessories, and arsenal. Players can purchase avatar on the game as they gather enough coins to cover for the cost or by purchasing OSRS gold online.


In the Old School RuneScape game, you will need to gather enough OSRS gold to enjoy the game to the fullest. Since you will need to upgrade your avatar to continue winning against opponents, you sure want to have enough OSRS gold to support your quests. Use your OSRS gold to buy more in-game features. Check Old School RuneScape community for what’s hot and available for purchase. However, you need to be careful with P2P transactions as they are purely based on trust.

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