Top Features to Look for in a Gaming Laptop

by Sergio Clark
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Advancements in the PC gaming industry have resulted in laptops suited for gaming. You do not have to stay near a large desktop to enjoy your games. You can find gaming laptops at affordable rates on the market. When looking for a Gaming laptop, these are some of the features you ought to consider to ensure you make the right decision.

Graphics Processor

This is an important thing to consider when choosing a gaming laptop. You may purchase a laptop with other great features but still be unable to play modern games with your laptop because of the GPU. Therefore, you should look for a laptop with the best graphic processing units from NVIDIA and AMD with excellent processing speeds and memory.


The computer processing unit or CPU is another great thing to consider when buying a laptop. You should note that the CPU works with graphics card to render your games on the display screen. In fact, the top GPUs should be supported by powerful CPU. You should consider AMD and Intel when selecting CPU and get higher processor speeds.

Physical Memory

After choosing a fast CPU and solid GPU that allows advanced games to play, you should support these features with adequate memory. In fact, high-end games require a lot of RAM. Therefore, the minimum RAM should be 8GB. You should consult professional gamers when choosing RAM for your gaming laptop. Some games also have recommendations for required RAM.

Data Storage

This is another important feature that deals with the performance and rendering of games. The storage in your laptop ought to access data quickly and send it to the processor. Without this, the experience of your game is bound to degrade. The main types of data storage are SDD, HDD, and hybrid SSD. All these drives can work for your gaming laptop if the data access speeds are sufficient. Ensure you purchase data storage from respected brands or avoid data loss.

The Screen

Another important quality to look for in a gaming laptop is its screen. Although the laptop may have other great features and allows you to play the most demanding games, if the screen is small with low resolution, you may not enjoy your gaming experience. Consider a laptop with at least a 14-inch screen. For gaming only, you should get a 17-inch screen with HD resolution.


The truth is that gaming laptops are quite expensive. Therefore, there is a need to set a budget when buying one. It does not matter the games you play; you are likely to spend more. The difficult thing is that you will need to cut on other things to ensure you prioritize what you require most. Make sure when you make budget cuts, it does not hurt.

You should note that PC gaming is now popular than ever. That is because most gamers have reached the age where they have disposable incomes and jobs. They want to enjoy playing intensive games, taking advantage of quality and resolutions. Although building a gaming desktop seems to be a better option, most gamers go for a gaming laptop.

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