How To Maintain Your Press Brakes

by Sergio Clark
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Press Brake

Press brakes could easily pass as the most important tool needed when opening and running a factory or plant. Press brakes come in different types such as the hydraulic press brake and the electronic press brake.

All you have to type CNC press brake for sale and thousands of options will come your way. Press brakes are expensive and that is why they need to be taken care of properly so they function as much as possible for a longer time.

To extend press brake machines for longer, you need tips and here are a few ways you can care for your press brakes to ensure they last longer.

Lubricate Rails and Ball Screws

You should never forget this. The back gauge is needed to be cleaned properly and to keep away dust, you can lubricate. Your balls screws and rails should be properly lubricated according to the manufacturer’s schedule. Ensure to clean up all the excess lubrication when you are done applying so they do not collect contaminants as well as debris.

Wipe and Remember The Cooling Fan

It is advisable to wipe as dust and dirt are machines’ worst enemies. It is better to take care of your parts because replacements can be more expensive. You can make use of rust protestants on surfaces advisable. Remember to clean your cooling fans as well because specks of dust usually block them. Keep the door closed unless you want to access it.

Clean the Lens Every day

Your lenses and surrounding area should be kept clean. Your lens is the heart of your machine and therefore should be kept clean with a none abrasive neat cloth. Cleaning the surrounding environment is necessary as no one wants the press brakes to take up dirt from there.

Take Care of the Tooling

You want to take care of your tooling as they collect dust easily. Ensure to change the wiping oil as much as possible. Also, clean the top part of the machines’ upper punch and bottom die. Also, be careful when you load and unload your looking.

General Maintenance

You want to inspect your machine as much as possible. Check what needs to be cleaned or what needs to be changed and fixed. You can search for CNC press brakes replacement parts online and find lots of options. Remember to tighten all the necessary bolts and connections as often as monthly.

Also, remember to park your machine the appropriate way. When you are done using it after a day’s work, park it at the bottom position. Other things you can do in life resting down the beam in the die or blocks. Avoid the hydraulics holding too much weight no matter how new the press brake could be.

 When you do all of these, you are sure your press brake would last a lot longer. You might need a few repairs in the future but they wouldn’t be as terrible as letting dust and dirt destroy your press brake first.

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