An easy and effective way to transfer text messages from iPhone to computer

by Sergio Clark
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Do you want to transfer the text messages from your iPhone to your computer? It could be that you want to present the text messages as evidence in court, print the messages or just save them on the computer.

If you are thinking of iCloud or iTunes, then you won’t get the messages into your computer. This only helps you to back up your SMS, MMS, and iMessages, but you cannot use them to transfer the messages to your computer.

How do you transfer text messages from iPhone to computer? Luckily, there is the Backuptrans iPhone SMS/MMS/iMessage transfer.

The software allows you to transfer text messages and everything in them including voice, video, and photo attachment files from your iPhone to the computer. You can transfer all the text messages or messages from a single contact. What’s more, it is free.

Which iPhones does Software Support?

You can transfer text messages to the computer for iPhone 11/11, Pro/11, Max/ XS/XR/X/8, Plus /8/7, Plus/7/6, Plus/6.

How Do You Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to computer?

  • Install the latest iTunes version on the computer. If your iPhone has a passcode, enter it. Alternatively, turn off the passcode.
  • Download the Backuptrans iPhone SMS/MMS/iMessage transfer software, install it on the computer and run it.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer using the Apple USB cable.
  • The software reads the messages (SMS, MMS, and iMessage) automatically from the iPhone and they appear on the interface. To view all the messages, click the iPhone title under devices. If you want to view messages from a single contact then click on the name of the contact.
  • To transfer all the text messages to the computer, go to the Devices list and click on the iPhone. There are three ways you can transfer the texts. You can go to the toolbar and press the button “Backup Messages to Local Database” or click File then Backup Messages to Local Database or right-click iPhone and choose “Backup Messages to Local Database”. All the messages from your iPhone will be transferred to the computer.
  • To transfer text messages of a single contact to the computer, go to Devices then iPhone and click on the contact name. On the toolbar press the button “Backup Messages to Local Database” or go to File then Backup Messages to Local Database or right-click the contact and select “Backup Messages with this Contact to Local Database”.
  • Once you have done the above step, you will be prompted to select the database in which to save your text messages. You can either create a new database or select a database to merge. Click confirm. All your text messages are now saved on the computer.

You can view the messages from your computer any time, print them, or convert them to PDF. You just need to click on the backup file. You can also extract media files attached to the messages, such as video, photos, and voice, to the computer

Better still, you can restore the SMS, MMS, and iMessages to your iPhone from the computer.

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