A closer look at the beneficial uses of reusable masks

by Sergio Clark
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The use of facial masks is such that it transcends different sectors globally. Engineers use them on sites where they are exposed to dust from earthworks. Health workers also make use of surgical masks during their job operations. The production industry is also a notable mention with the exposure to several contaminants during production.

There has been a rise in the usage of respirators in recent times due to the global pandemic РCoronavirus. This extensive use has laid bare the benefits of these reusable masks over the disposables. This article contains reasons why nano PTFE reusable masks are better alternatives to disposables.

Maximum Protection.

The ptfe mask filter offers maximum protection against contaminants. They are capable of retaining tiny dust particles of 0.3-microns when worn.

Secondly, they have a tighter fit on the face. Its firm elastic ties make it impossible for particles to pass through the masks from any angle. The precise curves on the nano ptfe membrane also ensure the full protection of your nose and mouth. N-ptfe mask also offer better protection against chemical substances like acids and liquid contaminants. As a health or environmental worker exposed to such hazards, you now have better options for facial protection when making your next purchase.

On the other hand, the slender ropes of the disposables mostly lose their elastic nature with time.


The design of reusable masks is generally to give you maximum comfort when worn. The use of lightweight materials like supield microporous filter film mask is used during the productions of some of these devices. The straps attached at their ends relieves you of the friction on your skin when using the slender ropes attached to disposable masks.


The significant advantage of these masks over the disposables is the ability to use them more than once. Amidst the current global pandemic, there’s been an enormous rise in the need for these reusable devices. Going by the directives of manufacturers-you get to use them for some time before proper disposal.

Conversely, the single-use of the disposable masks makes them non-economic, given that you’ve got to replace them frequently. Due to global recess caused by lockdown, the reusable covers provide a pocket-friendly option.


In terms of thickness, disposable masks are thin materials that offer little chances against the influx of air. Manufacturers cater to this deficiency by designing various options suitable for use. Teflex, a top manufacturer of these masks, ensures users are provided with a plethora of varying thickness.


One would think that due to the thickness of these masks, there will be a hindrance in breathing; supplied microporous filter film mask ensures a seamless breath of air by the user. This filtering mechanism boosts the chances of protection as respiratory droplets are trapped within these two-way filters.

Final Thoughts

The use of a face mask has become a necessity in recent times. This article highlights mask materials that are made from the nano PTFE membrane for added effectiveness.

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