Know About The periodic table of elements

by Sergio Clark
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periodic table of elements

The periodic table of elements is a chart of chemical elements. These elements are displayed in two formats.

Firstly, the elements re-expressed in a horizontal format, the sequence is that of increasing atomic number.

Secondly, some of the elements are arranged in a vertical format. This arrangement is in an order of similarity of atoms.

Features of the periodic table of elements

The periodic table is arranged like a grid. It contains chemicals of elements placed in a specific position as a result of its atomic structure.

Identical to other tables, the periodic table of elements has its rows from left to right. It consists of columns also, from up to down.

Benefits of the periodic table of elements  

Although the consists table has passed through a host of changes from its original form, it however still retains its importance in the world of science and technology.

Below is a list of the quality benefits of the periodic table. The periodic is beneficial because it enables scientifically inclined individuals to understand its characteristic by merely looking at the table of elements.

  • Before the time when all-natural elements where found, the periodic table of elements was used to foretell the chemical and physical properties of elements.

To this day, the periodic table of elements has witnessed tremendous improvements. It can now be used to predict features of yet to be discovered elements.

  •  Thirdly, the table is useful to for modern scientific study because it helps foretell the types of reactions in which a particular element is likely to partake in.

This makes it easier for scientists, as they just need a glance at the table, instead of trying to memorize facts and numbers.

  • The arrangement and orderliness of the periodic table of elements are also one of its benefits. A practical illustration is elements in the same column.

These elements in the same column are known as groups. That comes into play as a result of the similar properties shared.

On the other hand, elements in the same row are known as periods. That is so because these elements share the same inactive electron energy degree.

Overview: Merits of the Periodic table

The above-listed benefits of the periodic table can be further summarized in shorter terms for easier assimilation.

  • The table is beneficial for forecasting the property of elements. Both discovered elements and those yet to be discovered.
  • Columns are also known as groups while rows can also be called periods.

A proper understanding of rows and columns are essential.  This is so because they portray elements with similar characteristics.

  • The table is also extremely beneficial because it creates room for easy to comprehend element properties.
  • Finally, when it comes to chemical equations, the periodic table of elements always comes to the limelight. It is extremely important as its information is used in equalizing chemical equations.


The periodic table provides a depth understanding of chemical elements and how they relate to one another.  

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