Making a Choice between Portable Rock Crusher and Tracked Rock Crusher

by Sergio Clark
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A rock crusher is an instrument used to break large rocks into smaller particles. In addition to size reduction, a crusher may be used to change the form of a rock, to make disposal easy.

Whether to use a small portable rock crusher or a Tracked crusher is a choice that depends on many factors. Before making a purchase, you should go through the difference and similarities between these two carefully.

This is the only way to ensure that you don’t end up with the wrong device that would only cost you time and money.

What Makes Portable Rock Crushers Different From Tracked Rock Crusher?

One of the most important differences and factors that would influence a consumer’s choice is cost. In most situations, consumers tend to go for products that they can afford.

But other than the initial cost of the machine, other factors can influence a consumer’s choice. Some of them include

1. Cost of Fueling and Operating

Tracked machines are built with many diesel engines, usually 3 to 5. Because of the multiple engines, Tracked machines tend to consume more fuel.

On the other hand, portable rock crushers have only one engine with electricity as their source of power. Fuel consumption is highly reduced and more importantly, they are easy to operate and maintain.

2. Ease of Set up and Transportation

In the past, most construction companies preferred the use of tracked plants because they believe it requires a shorter setup time. However, this is only advantageous in small-scale projects.

For larger-scale projects, portable rock crushers are your best bet. They are not only very efficient, but they also reduce set-up times to the barest minimum.

Moving a portable crusher from one place to another is quite cheaper. A highway tractor can do the job comfortably but a Tracked equipment will require a much larger and more expensive float trailer.

3. Safety

It is relatively safer to operate a portable crusher than a tracked crusher. A portable crusher allows you to sit in a comfortable tower that is free of dust while you monitor and control the machine.

With a single click of a button, you can automatically turn on or turn off every operation. But a tracked crusher is designed to be controlled from the loader only if it is manufactured by the same company.

4. Environment

Every engine on a Tracked crusher has its fuel tank. It also has multiple hydraulic tanks and multiple hydraulic hoses. But the portable one has just one fuel tank and smaller hydraulic tanks

The implication of this is that risk of spill is higher when using a tracked machine. This is because you are always refilling different thanks. It is therefore not suitable for some environment.


You tend to spend less with a portable rock crusher if you plan on investing in a long-term project. It is highly flexible and suitable for various products.

Hence if you want to enjoy all these benefits coupled with 24/7 operations, then you should definitely go for a small portable rock crusher.

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