Recommendations on how to Buy a Pallet Stacker

by Sergio Clark
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Pallet Stacker

The purpose of a pallet stacker is to help workers handle, lift, and transport palleted materials easier. However, choosing one for your business can be quite challenging if you don’t know a thing or two about pallet stackers, their functionality, their technical characteristics, and what makes them great. 

So, if you want to buy the best possible one and truly make it easier for your workers to do their job professionally, check out our tips and recommendations. 

Do you need a manual or a powered pallet stacker?

This is the first and most important thing to consider. Manual pallet stackers are cheaper, but workers get tired of operating them after a few hours. They are good when you need to move palletized products over short distances and can carry loads of up to 2500 kg. Then there are the powered pallet stackers that can lift way more than the manual ones, are easier to handle, and are good even for longer distances. They are very common for loading docks and staging areas. 

How much does a pallet stacker cost?

The price can vary, and it depends on the China Pallet Stacker manufacturer. Nowadays, there are even some basic models on Alibaba that cost just $250. Of course, the more renowned brands offer pallet stackers at somewhat higher prices. 

Consider the size of the pallet stacker.

In North America, the standard pallet jacket is standardized. The width of the forks is 7”, whereas the distance between the outer edges can be 27” or 20 ¼”.

Consider the Bushings

They are made either of steel or brass. Every time the pallet stacker is lowered or lifted, they are subjected to wear. Grease-abled bushings are considered as the best option. Regularly greasing can expand their life and with that the life of the pallet stacker. 

Consider the capacity of the pallet stacker.

The powered pallet stackers can easily move stacked pallets on top of each other. That’s not the case with manual pallet stackers. Then there is how much weight the stacker can lift. Nowadays, various models can lift different weights. Usually, the more load it can carry means, the more it costs.

Consider the wheels

Make sure that you buy a pallet stacker whose wheels are made of polyurethane. This is important because polyurethane offers good manoeuvrability which is essential when it comes to wheels. Furthermore, wheels made from this material are easily replaced.

Consider the lowered height feature.

Lowered height is one of those features that matter a lot when you work with pallet stackers. That’s because a pallet jack can be lowered into a low profile, the stacker can enter the pallet with ease. That’s even more important because there are pallets in various sizes, many of whom feature very small openings. A very small opening can make it very challenging for the fork to enter the pallet’s pockets. 

In Conclusion

Choosing a pallet stacker is no rocket science, but at the same time, you can’t choose well if you don’t know what matters and what not so much. Armed with the knowledge acquired here, you should be able to make that choice with ease.

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