Is a gas power washer better than an electric power washer?

by Sergio Clark
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Do you look forward to getting relieved of the stress of strenuous domestic cleaning? If yes, you can decide to buy an electric power washer or a gas power washer.

Although both of them perform basically the same function, they still have their differences. Below is a comparison of the two washers and the advantages each one has over the other.

Comparing a Gas Pressure Washer and an Electric Pressure Washer

1. Cost

Initially, the cost of purchasing an electric pressure washer might seem cheaper. But in the long run, you are going to spend more on it. They are usually less expensive because they are lightweight, unlike the gas pressure washer.

Because it is powered by electricity, using an electric washer increases the cost of electricity for the household. The cost of maintaining an electric washer is usually higher. Electric washers don’t usually come with high-quality spare parts. So when any part gets spoilt, you have to get an entirely new machine.

2. Power

The power rating for gas pressure washers is 2000 to 2800 PSI while that of electric is 1300 to 1700 PSI. Because Gas washers have a higher power rating, they wash grimy concrete surfaces better.

They are also more effective in removing paint and tough stains from driveways and sidewalks. Even the most powerful electric washer cannot measure up to the strength of a Gas pressure washer wand machine.

3. Durability

Pressure washers powered by gas tend to last longer than those powered by electricity. They are built with high-quality parts that are replaceable. Hence, damaged parts can always be replaced so you don’t have to buy another machine altogether.

It is also easier to maintain these replaceable parts. If used properly, a gas pressure washer can last for several years but an electric pressure washer will last for just a few years.

4. Ease

Gas washers are cordless and therefore are easy to carry around when cleaning. You can use them anywhere outside the house and you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of extension cords.

They don’t use electricity and therefore you are not at of electric shock when you use them on wet surfaces.

Gas washers do not restrict movement like in electric washers which do not permit you to move too far from your closest plug.

5. Size and Weight

Gas Pressure washers are large, usually made with high-quality heavy materials and therefore can’t be moved easily. To operate them, they need to be moved around in a cart.

On the other hand, electric pressure washers are lighter because they are not made with such heavy materials. Hence, they are quite easy to carry around. You can carry the washer with one hand while you use the second hand to operate the wand.

6. Attachments

Gas washers have a variety of accessories that makes cleaning easier. Each of these accessories is specially designed to carry out a specific function.

For instance, a surface cleaner makes cleaning grimy and large driveways easier. Durable longer wands are designed to clean second stories. Also cleaning with longer hoses make every corner of your house accessible.


As explained above, the difference between these two pieces of equipment is distinct. Granted, an electric power washer can carry out your day-to-day cleaning easily and you don’t have to worry about buying gas.

But to get through with the tough tasks, you certainly need a gas-powered Washer.

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