Important Things to Look for in a Flexo Printing Machine

by Sergio Clark
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The process of purchasing the best flexo printing machine can be daunting. That is because you need to consider a lot of things, such as quality, functionality, and safety. Moreover, getting one is a major investment. When you know what to consider and how you can pair it with other printing equipment, you can start producing prints in no time. This guide will help you find the right Flexographic Presses that suit your needs.

Type of Substrate

When choosing a flexographic printing machine, you should pay attention to the type of substrate that you print. With the right machine, you can print on tissue, non-woven material, blister packs, foil, film, and corrugated material. Remember that some presses are designed to work with certain substrates only. It does not matter whether your business does not print on some substrates, you should get a machine with the capability to print in them. That is because in the future your business can expand and introduce new product lines.


Before you purchase a flexographic printing machine, you should ensure that your business is ready for it. Do you need a large facility to accommodate the new machine? Are you going to hire new employees or train your operators? It is advisable to consider your production process when getting a new machine. Will the machine improve the production process or you need to re-adjust it? Although these may not appear to be critical considerations, they can make a huge difference.


As you know, flexographic printing machines come with a wide range of features meant to boost functionality. Some of the important features to look for are a conveyor system, automated inking system, web cleaner, and extra drying system. When choosing a machine for your business, you should not go for the bare minimum features. In the future, you may need the extra features that can help you money and make the production more efficient.


Whenever you purchase a machine for your business, you should ensure you get a quality piece. Therefore, you should look for a flexo printing machine from a reputable company. Nowadays, there are many printing machine manufacturers out there with a great reputation and provide warranties. Go only for the top companies.


The price of a flexo printing machine should be the last thing to consider. As you know, the cost is an important factor you ought to pay attention to when buying a printing machine. Unlike other things you can pay more for a brand, you should consider paying for quality. When buying a flexo printing machine, this is not the right time to pay for quality. You should avoid getting a machine from an unknown manufacturer. That is because it can have voided warranties and functionality problems.

After buying the right flexographic printing machine, you need to get the auxiliary equipment required that can improve the machine’s functionality and efficiency. For instance, you may need elastomer sleeves that are designed to help reduce waste and minimize setup time. Also, they can increase reliability as they are flexible, durable, and soft.

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