How to use your samurai swords like a pro

by Sergio Clark
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Samurai Swords

Samurai swords are weapons used for warfare in ancient times. Among its characteristics, it possesses sensitivity and the ability to penetrate incredible objects.

Historic analysis  

Before the birth of firearms, the usage of Samurai swords was extremely crucial in combat.

The Samurai swords were quality protection for its users. It was razor-sharp, at such left bloodstains with every slash.

Samurai swords are viewed as the fundamental weapon of the Japanese battlefield.

Sometime in the 13th century, the Japanese territory was invaded by the Mongol group. Gratitude, the Samurai sword was giving another opportunity to prove its worth.

On the battlefield, the Mongol group found it tough coping with the slashing Japanese Samurai Swords. Victory eventually belonged to those who held the Samurai swords.

Expert Usage of Samurai Swords

Swords, made use of by Japanese Samurai, were known for their virtuous designs. These designs made the swords strong and powerful and flexible.

Luckily today, awesome examples of ancient Japanese Samurai swords withstood the test of time, making it possible for Samurai swords to be found in museums today.

In-line with proper usage of Samurai swords, certain rules most are observed. These rules are formulated as a result of the sensitiveness of the Samurai swords.

The sensitivity of the Samurai swords is quite fascinating. If not properly handled, these swords could harm its user.

These are few laid down rules for Samurai sword usage 

Before purchasing your Samurai sword, it is essential to know some rules on its usage.

Rule 1: Use the blades back as a barrier for incoming hits:

The back of the Samurai swords is proper for blocking incoming hits. This is so because using the front of the sword may damage the chip.

In a bid to fend away incoming hits, use the center of the sword. This is so because the center of the sword is thicker.

Rule 2: Hold the sword 45-degree angle, to block overhead strikes

When an incoming hit is from overhead, hold your sword about 1foot above your head.

Keep the edge upright so it does not point at you.

Rule 3: Position the sword upside down to prevent side hits:

When incoming hits are expected from the side, move the sword to the expected side. Flex your risk, then turn the blade pointing the tip to the ground. This is done, to remove the cutting edge from you.

Rule 4: To bring the sword from its sheathe, push the sword from the handle with your thumb:

Grip the handle of the sword, so your thumb rests on the top. Thereafter, place your thumb and calmly push it forward.

A force that opposes its motion will be felt initially, then the blade will slide easily out of the sheathing.

These are brief guidelines on Samurai sword usage. If you want to learn how to use a samurai swords, you should probably meet a samurai swords expert

Modern Usage

As a result of its extreme sharpness, the Samurai sword is still essential for usage in modern times. Those in the martial art line are of particular interest.

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