How to Successfully Fish From A Pier

by Sergio Clark
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Fishing from a pier or a dock is a creative and fun way to fish. Using bait light to attract fish makes the whole activity easy and exhilarating. In this article, we look at things you can do to make a good catch when fishing from a dock.

1. Check the Weather

Fish prefer cool and calm water. To increase your chances of catching a good amount of fish, try and avoid fishing during the day or in a storm. Daylight also interferes with the effectiveness of the LED fishing light to attract plankton. Light attracts plankton, which during the day is everywhere, minimizing your chances of getting them concentrated in one place.

2. Choose the right location

Choosing the right location to fish is crucial; after all, there would be no need to drop a light where there are no fish to attract. Look for a spot with good fish traffic. Choosing a hole is a good idea because the water in wholes is normally cooler, which attracts fish. Scientists have discovered that only 10% of the water holds all the fish; the rest of the water has no catch at any time.

3. Give the Led bait light sit for a while

The basics of fishing are that rods, lures, and underwater fishing lights increase your chances of making a catch. For the lights to work, you need to give them time to work. Make sure your light is not drifting around.

It takes time to attract plankton, which in turn attracts baitfish. The bigger fish follow the baitfish, a process that takes time. Thus, throwing in lights before the fish are in view greatly reduces the chances of catching anything.

Secondly, to keep yourself busy, you can take this time to set up your gear and get ready for a night of fun fishing. Many fish, especially the big ones, are uneasy around the bright LED light. They will swim right across the school of baitfish in an attempt to scatter them into darker waters. So it may be a good idea to cast your lines both near the light and further away from the light as well.

4. Observe the fish

Most anglers throw in their lines as soon as the first fish is in sight. It is prudent to sit and observe the behavior of the fish. Learning how the fish swim and what kind of bait attracts them will help you target the fish.

This short time watching the fish swim by is not only relaxing but also comfortable. The fish also get time to get comfortable around the Submersible fishing light. Using the intel gathered on the fish’s movements, cast your line, and enjoy fishing using LED fishing lights.


In conclusion, fishing from a pier is a good way to enjoy your night. Use as many LED fishing lights as needed. Taking your time to observe the fish, giving the light bait time to work its magic, and picking the right location are some of the tips you should consider for a good catch.

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