How To Increase Your Washing Machine’s Longevity?

by Sergio Clark
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Machine a laver pas cher can cost anywhere between $300 and $1500. As an essential piece of equipment in the home, it is worth maintaining to avoid losing money to regular repairs or replacement of faulty parts. Having your washing machine always in good condition offers many benefits like ease of machine operation and cleaning dirt from clothes with a single wash. A faulty washing machine can lead to frustration and pile up the dirt on your clothes. Below are proven ways to make washing machines last longer.

1. Buy quality brands

One of the often-overlooked factors when purchasing washing machines is the brand name. Many people feel newer brands may have more exciting features than some already established brands. However, it is more likely that a more established brand will outdo the new brand when it comes to durability. Before purchasing a new washing machine, do a little research on what other users say about its ease of maintenance and durability. The review section of the product may reveal users’ experience with the product. Check for quality washing machine brands you can trust.

2. Keep your washing machine on a level surface

Owing to the sheer force of vibration washing machines produce, some parts of the machine can get damaged when working on an unlevel surface. To prevent this condition, set up a level surface within the laundry to keep the washing machine. You may have to pack the base with soft materials to keep it steady.

3. Use a moderate quantity of detergents

Using excessive amounts of detergents may increase washing time unnecessarily as the washing machine may trigger extra rinsing cycles. This will eventually result in overworking the machine and shortening the lifespan. Read the user’s manual to determine the required quantity and the type of detergents approved for use. Remember that newer washing machine models also use less water than the older generation. Use based on manufacturer’s guidelines.

4. Avoid overloading the washing machine

When you have lots of clothes to clean, you may be tempted to overload the washing machine. This may lead to greater wear on the moving parts of the washing machine. It can also affect machine efficiency as you may not get a very clean wash as expected. Eventually, overloading the washing machine doesn’t help. Check the load limit for your washing machine, and don’t go beyond it.

5. Clean the lint filter regularly

If you cannot clean the least filter after each use, remove its residues at least once weekly. The accumulated detergents or fabric softeners can reduce their ability to catch lint. Use clean water and brush to clean the lint filter.

6. Wash your washing machine

Don’t fall for the idea that washing machines clean independently, except you have newer models with the in-built self-cleaning ability. If your washing machine cannot self-clean, you need to do the cleaning yourself. You can add vinegar to water or baking soda and run it through the washing machine without loading clothes.

7. Practise a good maintenance routine

Pay attention to your washing machine. When you notice any fault during operation, check it out immediately. Check that the parts are well-fitted and replace worn parts as soon as possible.


Making your washing machine last longer requires deliberate efforts and a wise choice of brand. With proper use, a washing machine can last between 7 to 15 years.

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