How To Add Hair Extensions On Your HD Lace Frontal Wig

by Sergio Clark
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One of the best ways to customize your HD lace frontal wig is by adding an extension. Most people think that extensions are only suitable for natural hair, but that is not true. You can use the extensions to make your frontal wig longer. Additionally, the extensions can also help in increasing your wig’s volume. Below is a simple guide on adding hair extensions to your lace wig.

1. Choose the hair extension you want for your HD lace frontal wig

Generally, there are two types of hair extensions. The two types include synthetic and human. The type of extension you pick should match the hair on your wig. The type of hair you choose will add to the wig’s hair. Therefore, it needs to blend in well. Also, while selecting the hair, ensure that you pick the right length for you. You can go for dramatically long lengths or a reasonable length. Select a reasonable hair length if you want the length to appear more natural. But if you want dramatically long lengths, you should note that it will cost you more.

2. Place the wig on a mannequin and part the hair

The purpose of putting the wig on a mannequin is to ensure you have ample working and firm space. Also, parting the hair will ensure you create sectional divisions. The divisions will ensure you clearly indicate where you want to clip the extensions.

3. Clip the extensions onto the HD lace frontal wig

You only need to clip the weft of hair onto the hair closest to the wig cap at this step. Also, make sure to distance the extensions well. Repeat the clipping process to all the sections of the wig.

4. Brush the wig

Brush the wig once you have clipped in all the necessary hair extensions. Brushing the wig will ensure that the extensions blend in perfectly with the wig. Also, ensure that you cannot see the clips. In addition, if your wig is curly, you can choose a curling iron to curl the hair extensions.

Purpose of adding hair extension to an HD lace frontal wig

· To transform an old wig

If you have had your HD lace frontal wig for a long period, you may notice some changes in its appearance. Adding some hair extensions can transform the wig into an almost new one.

· Add length to your wig

Generally, the main factor to consider while buying a wig is its length. But if you find that you desire a longer wig, you can choose to add the extensions. The best thing about clipping in extensions is removing them as you wish. Therefore, your wig can still maintain the hair length you have wanted at first.

· Add volume to your wig

If you decide you want a fuller wig, you can add the extensions. The extensions will ensure your wig transforms into a voluminous one. The voluminous style can offer more options when it comes to styling.


If you wish to transform your HD lace frontal wig, you can choose to add in hair extensions. Even though people commonly use hair extensions on natural hair, it is possible to clip it on a wig. The above simple steps will guide you on how to add the extensions.

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