How to Know if You Have an Original Metal Pokemon Card

by Sergio Clark
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Many individuals are interested in collecting Pokemon cards, but most of them are unsure of how to determine whether their metal pokemon card is authentic or not. Here are some hints on how to solve the problem.

Does the Pokemon on the Card Exist?

If the Pokemon on the card genuinely exists, that should be the first thing you check. You can check the card’s validity online or by asking a person with experience recognizing phony cards. If they don’t exist, the card was probably not created originally. Using your Pokedex or a search engine, you can verify this by looking up the Pokemon’s name.

Does the Card have Its Printing Year?

You should also check to see if it has the printing year printed on it. If your card isn’t holographic, it will either be at the bottom right corner of the card, or if it is, it will be on one of your Pokémon’s stats. It’s probably not an original card if there isn’t a printing year.

Are the Elemental Symbols in the Correct Places?

Three different forms of energy symbols—grass, fire, and water—are used when working with metal playing cards. These markings must appear somewhere on your Pokémon’s body or card so that you can identify the sort of energy it utilizes (and thus how much damage it does). It may be a sign that your card isn’t an authentic metal Pokemon card if these symbols are missing. They are fake because they are printed on a printer other than the genuine ones and that’s why they are also not on the right side of the card since the design does not match the original.

Is the amount of HP on the Card reasonable?

Another thing to watch out for is if the number of health points (HP) on your card seems excessive or insufficient. Some fakes have more HP than usual, while others have weaker HP than usual. What characteristics they want their cards to have and how much work they are willing to put into making them appear more genuine will all rely on that. Depending on the type of card, a Pokemon card will often display its health points as having between 30-340Hp. So, your card is probably manipulated or phony if its HP is not within this range.

Look Up Your Card Online to Be sure

You may always look it up online by searching “Pokemon Card Name” if you are unsure of how your card should appear. This will show you what other people think their cards should look like and how much they sell for, depending on whether or not they are legitimate. It’s crucial to be aware that some vendors may modify their photographs to make their cards appear genuine when they aren’t. So, proceed with caution and verify everything twice before making a purchase on eBay, Amazon, etc.


Understanding the several market-available variants of cards will help you determine whether you have an original metal Pokemon card. Checking all the details is the most crucial thing to keep in mind when buying a Pokemon card. You can save some time and money by having a basic understanding of how to verify whether a card is real or not. If it’s a fake, you can sell it again for whatever you want, but don’t make the error of trying to pass it off as real just because you spent a lot of money on something that turned out to be phony.

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