What Are Metal Pokémon Cards?

by Sergio Clark
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Trading card games have been a hot topic for quite some time. The fame and demand have no chance of coming down shortly.

It is typical for all Pokémon fans to collect Pokémon cards. But there is a new talk of the town,metal pokemon card. These cards are the latest sensation, especially gold-plated ones.

Initially, gold cards were included in meals by Burger King in 1999. Also, third-party tributes are vented in other places.

In this blog, we will get to know how to choose a metal pokemon card as there are a lot of fake cards available in the market. So, let’s dive into all the information you need about these cards.

What Pointers Should You Know Before Buying Metal Pokémon Cards?


Metal Pokemon gold cards were purchased in the range of $20-50 at Burger King. The prices have escalated with the increase in demand.

Other metal Pokémon cards are more valuable due to a limited edition released by collaboration between big names.

The Authenticity Of Cards

There are three types of cards available in the market.

Fanfics prepare Custom Cards. Making customized metal cards for someone’s special occasion is an impressive idea. As surprising as it may sound, some people make a living out of these custom cards.

As it gained popularity, many fake cards started crowding the market. Recently, the company launched two new cards, giving rise to fake cards. Thus, it is essential to spot the dissimilarity between real and fake cards.

Gold Plated Metal Cards

These cards are made of high-quality gold metal, and designs are engraved in them through a laser. All Pokémon enthusiasts want to get a hold of gold plated. It is nothing short of a dream. But the truth is that these valuable-looking cards are not worthy at all. These cards have a very thin plating, unlike the real gold Pokémon cards that contain 23 karat gold.

To view a gold-plated card, you can purchase them from websites and download them to look at the high-resolution pictures. But you should remember to seek permission from the site owner if you use the image for commercial purposes.

Steel Type Cards

Steel is the sturdiest commercially known metal. In the anime series, steel-type Pokémon are iconic. Steel was always preferred in the series over bronze and iron due to its endurance. This silver card is represented by gear or bolt.


So the question hanging in the air is whether metal Pokémon cards are worthy or not. If you have been a fan, not buying would have been out of the question. But it is also about the expanse.

Purchasing a card is not a difficult task but no one know which card’s value will rise over time. Hence, the two metal cards officially launched would prove to be a good investment. Owing to the limited distribution, these two cards are extremely unique. The demand and value will not decline in the near future. Hence if you get a grab of them, invest without a second thought.

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