Businesses that make use of 3D printing

by Sergio Clark
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3D printer

Printing presses and design houses are not the only ones that use 3D printers, organizations across a broad range of industries use it to serve multiple unique purposes. If you are a startup or an already established business and you are trying to find out if your business could benefit from 3D printing, then this article is specifically for you. If your business doesn’t fall within the scope of those covered in this article, it doesn’t automatically mean you don’t need it. However, if it does, then that means you should start considering getting a 3D printer. Businesses that may benefit from 3D printing include;

Furniture Business

Most big players in the furniture-making industry use 3D printing technology. After designs have been completed for a particular set of furniture, it will be printed out in solid form so they can see how the real one will look when it is made. Some furniture is more intricate than the regular tables and chairs and therefore, they need more planning to achieve perfection.

Fashion Business

Almost all senior tailors and designers use 3D printing, especially those in the footwear and jewelry making businesses. Jewelry making requires a lot of attention to detail and making them outright with limited resources can prove counter-productive. 3D printing allows them to print out the design first. This technology allows them to see loopholes in designs and correct them before they start making products.

Construction Consultants

3D printing is a very useful tool for engineers, architects, and construction industry workers. Building structures is usually easier with the use of visual help like the 3D solid prints of the intended structure design. It is very possible that 3D printing was particularly made for architects and construction consultants. They benefit the most from this technology.  

Robotics / Technology Business

Whether it is automobiles, mobile devices, or just plain robotics, 3D printing helps technology companies to experiment better and they constantly use it to test out how their products will look after actual manufacturing.

Schools and Learning Institutes

Schools always try to keep up with the latest information and technology to keep their students informed. 3D printing might be useful in a school environment for experiment purposes and other learning activities.

Toy Making Business

This might be a very interesting business to consider but they are one of the biggest beneficiaries of 3D printing. Toy designs are usually subjective to consumer taste so seeing the designed toy in solid form can help the marketing and production personnel make good adjustments.

These above businesses benefit greatly from 3D printing technology. If you happen to be a startup under any of these businesses or any other businesses relevant to this, then you should consider getting a 3D printer either now or in the nearest future depending on your needs. If you want to get one now, then a good place to start would be this new printer manufactured by Creality. The Ender 3 VS CR-6 SE is appropriate for people new to 3D printing. It is user friendly and its specifications are market competitive. You should check it out!    

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