What makes up a LED parking lot lighting system?

by Sergio Clark
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parking lot lights

A typical parking lot is a place that witnesses a lot of activities and movements. Asides human movement, the parking lot plays host to vehicles of all shapes and sizes. In essence, there’s a unique need for optimal illumination in such spaces. LED light bulbs are a good source of lighting while dissipating minimal heat in the process. Also, these bulbs are characteristically energy efficient.

These qualities, as mentioned above of LED lighting bulbs, make them extremely suitable for use in parking lots. You probably have a big parking lot that you’ve always felt the need to illuminate with led lighting bulbs. This article walks you through the most common LED parking lot fixtures.

Wall packs

These LED lighting bulbs are designed to withstand the toughest of conditions. You’d be amazed at the durability offered by these bulbs when installed in the parking lot. It features a shatter-resistant glass that’s designed to protect the inner fixtures in stormy weather conditions. Wall packs can further be customized with the addition of motion sensors that make them suitable for security outposts. There’s a wide variety of designs available for this particular LED parking lot light ad each design is unique.

LED Floodlights

Giving your parking lot optimal illumination couldn’t be any more comfortable when you install the LED floodlights. These LED lights come in a variety of shapes that can be hanging from the ceiling or hinged against the wall. The most interesting detail about this lighting feature is its reach and coverage; this makes it suitable for security purposes. The LED floodlights can be installed in parking lots attached to sports arenas, restaurants, and business centers.

Recessed lighting bulbs

This bulb is designed with utmost sophistication in such a way that most of its part is hidden. Usually mounted on ceilings, the main fixtures are typically recessed. The only visible part of its fixtures is the trim and its lens.

LED area lighting

Area lighting bulbs are quite suitable for wider reaches, especially in big parks and gardens. These bulbs maintain consistent bright light for an extended period. The fact that the bulbs have energy-saving capabilities also means they don’t consume plenty of power.

Photocell sensor

The photocell sensor is designed to complement the security features of the parking lots lights. These sensors detect movement of any kind and subsequently automatically turn the lights on. The usefulness of these sensors is more pronounced in big parks where security coverage is often required.

Wire guards

These fixtures are useful in protecting the installations of the parking lot LED lighting. The wire guards are usually installed when the lights are fully working. Also, these wire guards help prevent vandalism of any sort.

Final Thought

It’s no small feat to adequately light up a parking lot or even an arena that’s quite massive in size. LED parking lots lighting bulbs are designed for such purposes, and the efficiency of these bulbs is topnotch. This article highlights some of the conventional fixtures of a typical parking lot light.

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